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 Mercenary Wars

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PostSubject: Re: Mercenary Wars   Tue Feb 23, 2010 8:18 pm

AHHHH PAGE STRETCH after you open the spoiler. O_O''
lol. You got owned. :P
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PostSubject: Re: Mercenary Wars   Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:20 pm

Just seen a few videos. Graphics don't seem very smooth, i.e. when switching guns, the characters switch too fast, like it was made of only 2 frames. It's like blinking. But hey, graphics aren't anything. It's all about the gameplay. Well, most of it. Just look at all the people who still play CSS.

Now gameplay. It's like all the other FPSes: Team Deathmatch, Plant the Bomb, Mercenary (All) team Deathmatch. Later, there will be a new game mode called Destruction Race. It's rather like a racing game(Not really); the first team who destroys all the targets win.
Hmmm, recoil. The videos I've seen showed me there was almost no recoil (Am I right?).

Overall I think you shouldn't play it. It does have outdated graphics and the same game modes as other FPSes, but what's unique is Destruction Race. If you want to play this game, go ahead, I won't stop you. But remember, there are many better FPSes, like Combat Arms (too bad there are many hackers), Crossfire (I'm currently playing this game, it has Ghost Mode, which is a game mode that lets you play against Ghosts, invisible people who can only use melee. There's also Mutant Mode, which is Zombie Mode. Graphics aren't the best, but I don't care, the guns are realistic and require skill to handle. Also, in Korea there's another game mode, which will probably come in a year or so, since Mutant Mode came one or two years after it was released in Japan/Korea/China/Vietnam.), WolfTeam (You can change into a wolf. Haven't played it since I've got a new computer, the internet connection of thelaptop which I used to play it kept disconnecting, so I couldn't fully play a match.), Sudden Attack (Never played it, but I watched a very good sniper on YouTube. Search for Kim Kyung Jin.) and many others.

Please note that this is not a review.

As for metawe: stop QQ'ing and stay on your spam streak. Who cares about the sensitivity, you can ADJUST IT. That's what OPTIONS are for. Also, it has to do with the mouse you're using. Ever heard of DPI?
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Mercenary Wars
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