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 Fanfiction: The City of Time

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PostSubject: Fanfiction: The City of Time   Fanfiction: The City of Time Icon_minitimeSun Aug 07, 2011 7:54 am

Fanfiction: The City of Time

Genre: Fantasy
Age: 13 and over

This story shall now off track for a while because I’ve lost my touch in writing stories, sadly. D: I think so anyway... maybe not... maybe so. I probably did because I'm in China. D: So sad.

Once the crew sensed an elemental star being in the mountains of a certain area, they were not able to access it because of the fact that they didn’t have the blessing of the gods. With Melody and Nayu’s help, they were able to make it to the elemental stars hiding place after going through Zure’s diary and his very dark and very romantic life in a castle about him and Dre-
“Shut up and skip that part,” Zure said.
Anyways, once they got to the location of where the elemental stars were kept, Melody and Nayu battled a guard and won. Although the guard was injured, it seems that the elemental stars were taken away by the Dark Order. And Now... The Conclusion:

“What do we do now?” Zeru asked Athena via Victoria Amulet. “We lost the elemental star.”
“Sorry,” Melody said. “My fault.”
“If Melody listened to what Nayu says and ignored fugly man, then Nayu and Melody would have gotten the elemental stars!” Nayu said, a bit angry.
“I heard what happened,” Athena said. After 10 seconds, she decided to say, “Return back to the base. I’ll try to locate the elemental star. Melody and Nayu can come too.”

Everyone agreed on the plan and used the Victoria Amulet immediately. Once Zeru, Antlan, Serene, Zeika, Melody, and Nayu came back to the base, Athena approached them with almost inhuman speed, giving the team no time to talk to Athena themselves. “Good news!” Athena cried. “It seems that I have found the location of the elemental stars!”
“You know…” Serene whispered to Zeru. “Why does it seem as if she was waiting to say that?”
“It was planned Serene,” Zeru whispered back. “It was planned.”
“Since it is in a different world,” Athena started to say. Zeru and Serene groaned in an I-knew-it tone. “You will have to travel through a portal I made for you outside the base through another dimension,” Athena continued, unperturbed. “Since this is Melody and Nayu’s first time here, Melody and Nayu’s rooms are upstairs.”

“Come on guys,” Zeru said. “Back out of the base and into the portal.” Zeru, Antlan, Serene, and Zeika turned to the portal and entered it to teleport outside the base. “I’ve always wondered,” Antlan said as they teleported outside and in front of the base. “Why can’t we just go through the entrance? I mean, there’s no door there. No one will know if we just walk away…”
“I don’t have a spare amulet,” Zeika said. “And Athena installed hidden cameras all over the place too. I found like 10 of them where I stand all day reading the same book because the story is so good I can never finish it.”
“Daydum,” Antlan said. What is your book about anyway?”
“It talks about these forumers playing a game and writing stuff up.” Zeika replied. “The game is amazing. It introduces a world where it needs to be saved by 4 heroes because evil dark forces are trying to take over it. Did you know that because of the sequel, the forumers can play 10 characters now, and they have to go through painstakingly long paths to another dimension just like us? This book even has a game about it. You know, the person who plays their gameboy in the base? That’s the same game the book talks about!” Zeika continues on to talk about the game excitedly while the party walks up toward the portal in front of the base.
“I wonder if these portals are ever locked,” Zure suddenly said with worry through the Victoria Amulet. The party stopped to listen to Zure. “If everyone can see these portals, then that means beginner adventurers can go through high-leveled areas without knowing it and die!”
“Athena probably locked the portals so no one can use it but only us Zure,” Serene replied, unworried. “She wouldn’t do that to her archers. It’s plain suicide.”

Athena started to think what she did wrong. She knew she forgot something when she created the portal. She couldn’t remember why she shouldn’t have placed it in front of the Victoria Base where everyone could see and TRAVEL into the portal of another world.
“I know I’m forgetting something,” Athena paced around in the base. “I just know it…oh well. It doesn’t matter.”

Back to the Team:
The party went inside the portal. As they went in, a swirling twist of colors surrounded them and teleported them in a very spacious dimension. In front of them was a single path that later twists and splits into many paths. After a while, the party was able to find the right path and find the stairs. As they went up, they heard a screeching cry. The party looked up and saw a dark colored bird descending down and 5 knights coming down the stairs. Each knight had a weapon of one class: a sword, a claw, a bow, a staff, and a knuckle.
“WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” the knight with the claw’s voice said in a very loud voice.
“WE ARE THE OFFICIAL KNIGHTS AND WE, WITH SHINSOO SHALL NOT LET YOU PASS,” the knight with the staff’s voice said afterwards.
“NOW,” the knight with the bow said. “BEGONE OR EL-“ but Serene cut him off by summoning a comet bolt from the stars to hit upon the knight. Everyone got into their fighting stance and the fighting began. Shinsoo screeched and their blood churned up. “It’s a blood bending!” Zeru shouted. Everyone instantly knew what that meant. Where their blood churned, they would have to move in that direction or else they took a serious amount of damage. As the blood bending spell wore off, Antlan struck with Triple Throw upon Shinsoo to stop the screeching temporarily. Zeru took off and faced the knight with the sword. Zeru’s sword started to glow red as he concentrated. Suddenly, his sword became long and sharp. “Insightful Slash!” Zeru shouted as he slashed the knight with the sword three times. As soon as the party’s blood started to churn again, Zeika looked around and saw the knight raising his staff high. After aligning himself with the blood bending, he aimed his wand carefully. Then, he shouted, “Triple Slash!” and three red magic slashes attacked the knight with the staff, instantly knocking the knight unconscious. Each time the knights tried to attack, the party pushed them back. After the last knight and Shinsoo was knocked unconscious, the party went up toward the stairs once again. Once at the top, they came across a huge door, slightly opened.
“This must be the doorway that connects this world to another world,” Serene said. “Let’s go inside.” The party made their way through the crack of the huge door and found themselves in a city.
“WHOA!” Lenna’s voice came out of the Victoria Amulet. “This place is huge!”
“I’m adding the coordinates to the Warp Crystal,” Athena said. “You can return here anytime you want to.” The party, however did not hear Athena. They were entranced by the large area of the city. As they looked up, they realized that they weren’t in their world anymore. When the party looked up, half of the sky was dark and half was light. Moon and Day took place at once. Time flowed freely here, as this place is now known as “The City Of Time.”
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PostSubject: Re: Fanfiction: The City of Time   Fanfiction: The City of Time Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 6:15 pm

Nice read.

nayu dont get angry T_T
-cries in corner-
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Fanfiction: The City of Time
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