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 FS III Boss Guide - Glen

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PostSubject: FS III Boss Guide - Glen   FS III Boss Guide - Glen Icon_minitimeFri May 04, 2012 6:45 pm

Enemy: Glen 578 HP
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FS III Boss Guide - Glen Screw_10

Location Fought: After Fighting Astorath in Noctiluscent Forest (last map)

Glen - he normally attacks. His attacks does 40 - 45 damage.

Aria - Int Build
Luna - Dex Build
Zeto - Str Build
Character levels - 12 or 11
Aria should get mystic bolt (rank 2 skill of Magic bolt treeline)
Dealing damage with your overdrive skills = success. Use Zeto's SR (Soul Step)

Strategy: Once he hits your character, remember to put him/her in block. You'll take less damage and you get some regeneration. Note: Sometimes your character will have a reaction and attack back. C: Good tradeoff.

Always put Aria on offensive. She deals huge massive amounts of damage. Luna is not that strong here because she's a mob attacker. Put her in defense at times. Zeto is in attack (fill his Overdrive to inflict around 200 damage). C: Remember to heal using Aria's healing spell. Increased int = better healing. Pots are more or less ineffective here.

It's not too hard to tank him. Remember to get the solid cannon for Luna in the portal before you exit (where you fought Astorath).
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FS III Boss Guide - Glen
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