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 Final Story I v0.38 [Monster Book bugs] (and a few other oddities)

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PostSubject: Final Story I v0.38 [Monster Book bugs] (and a few other oddities)   Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:02 pm

I only just discovered the Final Story game after a friend recommended it a few weeks ago, and I just finished FS1 today. An utterly brilliant game, and I look forward to starting on the sequel, probably this upcoming weekend. However, there were a few issues of varying degrees of significance that I discovered along the way.


Aside from the myriad typographical, spelling, grammar, usage errors, and inconsistent wording (which I simply interpreted as a nod to the atrocious 'Engrish' found in the games that inspired FS, and am not concerned about), the only significant bugs I encountered were related to the Monster Book.

Aside from several bosses (which I'll assume were intentionally excluded from the Monster Book), no entry appeared for Emo Slime, Swamp Jar, Bellflower, Ligator, or Jr. Sentinel, despite fighting each of them in large numbers. All other non-boss monsters appeared in the Monster Book as expected.

As for bosses, I found it odd that Ergoth, Knight Statue A, Lion Statue A, and Lion Statue B appeared in the book, but Knight Statue B was excluded for some reason. Also, several adds appeared in the Monster Book, but not the bosses they were attached to; specifically, the Dark Sword 1-4, Spear 1-2, and Crossbow 1-2 appeared - but Zure, Zure Final Form, and Reyka did not.

I also found the numbering in the Monster Book somewhat strange, as there were gaps. Missing from the book were numbers 8, 29-35, 40, 42-43, 47, 54-124(!), 129-130, 143, 146-148, 153-156, and 159(presumably where Knight Statue B belongs). I would assume that five of the gaps in the 29-35 range represent the missing monsters I mentioned above; do the others represent the deliberately excluded bosses (the Lith harbor guard, the five Dark Order members [several times], the Antlan/Royke duel enemies, the Dark counterparts of the party, Ice Antlan, Xeru, the party members that Xeru fights against, Zure [several times], ???, and tz2's spirit)?


Additionally, the item description for the Scroll to El Nath purchased in "The other dimension" (which does not stack with the ones purchased in El Nath, which have the correct description) claims that it returns you to Lith Harbor, but it actually DOES correctly transport you to El Nath.


Two other oddities that I discovered along the way:

(1) The chest in "To the Elnath Mountains" contains another copy of the special Mythril Ore that was used to make the Mythril Claw; at that point in the game, it seems extraneous - especially since there isn't another Mythril Claw Manual, Iron Ore 2, Bronze Ore 2, or Screw.

(2) The Mystic Wall scroll never gave a notification nor appeared in inventory, but at some point in the game after returning from "The other dimension", it did allow me to acquire the Mystic Wall skill. It seemed to become available after the battle with the three Oracles, although I can't swear to the specific event that triggered its availability.


Even if development for FS1 is closed and these issues will not be fixed in the game, I would still appreciate a response to clarify the issues with the Monster Book. On that note, it appears that FS2 has finished downloading, so I'm off to unrar and play it. Thanks again for a wonderful game.

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PostSubject: Re: Final Story I v0.38 [Monster Book bugs] (and a few other oddities)   Tue Feb 01, 2011 12:23 am

First off all, thanks for the bug reports. Sadly the rates of me touching FSI is quite low. (some site problems, and personal reasons).

-The monster book itself is not suposed to record humans, but it seems that it also removed some monsters from the book.
Using the information you provided I can fix that for FS2 0.30 and add the missing monsters.
I'm not sure about the Knight Statue B though.

-The numbering has gaps because the human enemies have a number ID too. As they are removed from the book, it also removes their data entry and the number itself.

As for the other oddities I can't clarify, I can't check FSI data at my current location.

Thanks for this great report, and hope you enjoy FSII.

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Final Story I v0.38 [Monster Book bugs] (and a few other oddities)
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