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 [DOWNLOAD] Final Story v0.38 (Complete game+Extras+)

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PostSubject: [DOWNLOAD] Final Story v0.38 (Complete game+Extras+)   Thu May 03, 2012 11:02 pm

Final Story 0.38 is up
Download Link :

The first game I created a long time ago. I really have no comments other than it's an very old project. But if you want to try it the game is still here!

Comment the forums to make it more active, hopefully we can make this place alive again and invite more members to make the community bigger.
and have fun and remember to save often.

-The Story of the Game-

In a future in maple island...

There is a young boy called Zeru and his best friend Antlan, they both
decided to leave maple island to make there job advancement, but something
happens once they get to SouthPerry, and the story starts here....

Zeru: Main character in game, he wants to be a warrior same as his dad Zeth.

Antlan: Best friend of Zeru and the funny of the group, he wants to be a thief,
he was supose to be company of Zeru during the journey.

Serene: Antlan's sister, She was waiting for Zeru and Antlan at Lith harbor
so they can travel together and do there job advancement on the way...

Royke: A guy that lives in henesys, he doesnt talk much but when its about someone
he will do its best to help them. He joins the group later in the game.

Zure: Antagonist and Zeru's brother, He got comsumed by the darkness because of the
weapon he wields... there is something about the weapon...

Zeth: Zure's father...

-Dark order:
A group of 12 people that are currently looking for the 5 cores of victoria island.
Each of them represents a 3rd job advancement... I am going to show 2 of them group
is created by Zure.

Saxer: They meet him at
and he has the power of crusader, name
comes from sader.

Night: Another guy in the order, I guess you can know which job he represents.

-Victoria island cores:
They are 5 in total each of them represents a element.
They say that if someone touches the core can gain elemental powers depending which of them
you had touched.
All those 5 cores are hidden in victoria island, kerning, henesys , perion, ellinia... and

Soon in the game Zeru, Antlan, Serene, and Royke travel together to save the
victoria island, and soon to the other continent of ossyria...

Starting a job advancement adventure, to save the Final Story world!

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[DOWNLOAD] Final Story v0.38 (Complete game+Extras+)
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